June so far: from London to Berlin and back (well, London for now)

Let's first take a look at the RA Summer Exhibition
Where to begin? London! You may have seen that one of my embroidered photograph pieces, Strange New World, is part of the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2018. This has been such a huge honour and also made all the more special as this year marks the 250th year for the RA. As a result of this milestone the Summer Exhibition is one of fun and celebration – from the brightly coloured artist designed flags spilling out onto Piccadilly, to the RA’s statute of Sir Joshua Reynolds in their courtyard sporting what looks like a sort of lush Hawaiian lay, to the mix of artwork of the Summer Exhibition sitting on lemon yellow, bright blue and flesh pink walls of the galleries. What I am trying to say here is go and see it for yourself because it’s bright and it’s happy and it’s fun – what a Summer Exhibition should be, don’t you think?

If you would like to know more about the RA Summer Exhibition, here is some information about the show which has a long history here in London

And as I discovered on Varnishing Day, it is an experience unto itself filled with an interesting mix of tradition and the new – from the march of artists down Piccadilly and church service at St James’s Church, to artists gathering in the courtyard to hear the steel drum band playing underneath the aforementioned Sir Joshua Reynolds pointing his paintbrush towards Anish Kapoor’s bright red circular sun-like art work, 1 - SYMPHONY FOR A BELOVED DAUGHTER 2018. Not to mention the mix of artwork breaking tradition and including works that range from a sculpture of a stretched face of the Queen, commentary on Brexit and on the state of rich people’s odour (see work: Rich People Smell Funny by Jordan McKenzie), the Pink Panther, a poodle made out of costume jewellery, to paintings, screen prints, photography, sculpture, embroidery on paper and architecture. And more.

My work in the show, Strange New World is one of 1,300 pieces selected (a little over this number actually) and was chosen from 20,000 works entered. If you are a UK resident you can see this great video produced by BBC2, as they do each year, all about the history, selection process and the outcome of this year’s Summer Exhibition.

You can find Strange New World in Room IX which was hung by Royal Academician, Conrad Shawcross. The piece is an edition of 10 and for sale. Here I am (pictured) with Strange New World in Room IX! If you are in London be sure to visit. The Summer Exhibition is now open to the public until 18 August 2018.

It has been a busy few weeks and I had intended to give a quick round up – and have clearly failed. So I have split this update into Part 1 and Part 2. Later this week I will let you know all about Part 2 - the Berlin Biennale which I was lucky enough to attend this month! For now, enjoy the Summer Exhibition and don’t forget to look out for Strange New World in Room IX!