Recent Work: Strange New World

In her series of embroidered photographs, Strange New World, Rossanne Pellegrino explores the process of human memory and false memory recall. Particularly the way in which our recollections of moments are ever changing and influenced by many factors including culture, age, the power of suggestion and the passing of time. Rossanne embroiders photographs with colour and abstract shapes to reinvent moments in history; physical interventions that highlight the malleability of our memories. The images are also given titles - some based on truth or complete fiction- as well as images grouped together giving them new stories, all further demonstrating the pliability or our memories, leading to false memory recall.

The images in this gallery are Rossanne's studies for her recent exhibition, Strange New World, at Brunswick Street Gallery (Melbourne, Australia) in 2018. For more information about this mixed media project, contact Rossanne at

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